The REME Sports Association


The REME Sports Association was formed in 1948 with the object of organising certain sporting and recreational activities on a Corps basis and was there to give financial and administrative help and advice on sports matters whenever needed.  A central committee was established to administer Sports Association affairs; to regulate general policy and be the managing trustees of all funds and property of The Sports Association.  The REME Sports Association was registered as a charity in March 1966 and linked to The REME Benevolent Fund in February 1980; when The REME Charity was formed in 2016 The REME Benevolent Fund and its linked charities were formally linked.  Key dates of The REME Sports Association are detailed below:

  • The award of Corps Colours was introduce in 1950.
  • 2010 saw the introduction of the prestigious Sportsperson of the Year Award.
  • 2013 the Lifetime Achievement Award was introduced.


The REME Charity spends approximately one third of its annual budget on the REME Sports’ Association.  The aims are to:

  • To promote the physical efficiency of the Royal Electrical and Mechanical Engineers by promoting and organising sports events and competitions.
  • To purchase requisites to enable persons to indulge in and witness such games and sports events.
  • To make grants to any charity or charitable fund, which in the opinion of the managing trustees benefits persons serving or having at any time served in the REME.

The REME Charity currently provides support to 40 different sports and disciplines and boasts numerous international competitors, world champions and record holders.  Each sport receives an annual grant from The REME Charity which is managed by the committee members of each sport additionally there are a number of rules that provide funding to sports men and women that do not fall under the individual sports committees. These are:

  • Rule 53 – Additional In-Year Grants. The chairman may approve additional in-year monies or expenditure for representative Corps sports (up to £1000) in order to meet unexpected or urgent obligations that cannot be covered by the annual grant.
  • Rule 54 – Grants to Individuals. The Chairman may make a grant to aid an individual selected to compete or officiate at national or international level, up to £1000.  Grants will only be made to individuals who currently donate to The REME Charity.
  • Rule 55 – Grants for Sports Tours. The Chairman is empowered to make grants to units undertaking authorised sports tours up to £1000.
  • Rule 57 – Grants to Elite Athletes. The Chairman may award a one of grant of £500 to REME personnel competing at national or international level.

Contact Us

Major (Retired) Geordie Wright-Rivers
T. 01249 894525

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