The REME Association

What is The REME Association

The REME Association fosters the spirit of the Corps of Royal Electrical and Mechanical Engineers and connects our members with a network of Branches, Groups and Communities of interest that supports them throughout their military career, civilian careers and their retirement.

Anyone who has served, or is serving in REME and their family is a member of the REME Association for life.

It encourages comradeship amongst ‘the three Rs – Regular, Reserves and Retired’ and offers support to those who need it across the whole REME Family; through personal contact and through financial support from The REME Charity.  It encourages engagement, brings like-minded groups within the REME family together and is a place for you to REMEmber and celebrate your service with the Corps.

Once REME, Always REME

Where do we operate?

The REME Association would like to think it is everywhere!  We have a number of regional ‘Branches’ and ‘Special Interest Groups’ that promote and encourage the comradeship supported by The REME Association.

Welfare and Support.

Our networks and links with other organisations allow us to identify where there is a need for help and support, and to help ensure this is delivered. Our continually growing networks help increase our reach such that we are able to offer support to more REME family members, wherever it is required.

Keep in touch – Stay informed!

Is there a fee?

Anyone who has served a day in REME is a member of the REME Association for life and this includes their partner.  The Association is predominantly funded by The REME Charity whose main income is via the Day’s Pay Scheme in which the vast majority our serving officers and soldiers (both Regular and Reserve) are enrolled. The bottom line is with a much smaller Corps than when the Association was formed following WWII, it now stands at c8,700 serving Regular and Reserve strength, fewer officers and soldiers contributing = less income. It was agreed by the Trustees of The REME Charity that the Reform Project must seek additional income streams in order to keep the work and aims of The REME Charity, and thus The REME Association, sustainable.  Therefore, should you wish, an annual voluntary donation can be made to The REME Charity (the suggestion is £15 per annum) which would help continue the activities of the Association and further the aims of The REME Charity.

The Future

The Association is now looking for help to build our network and range of communities, and for the input of individuals who can benefit others with their knowledge, experience and drive. There are numerous opportunities to become involved with Association activities, regardless of age, rank or seniority, so do get in touch through the contact details on this page if you can add value to our organisation – your efforts WILL make a difference.

Arte et Marte.