What we do

What is The REME Charity?

The REME Charity was incorporated as a charitable company limited by guarantee in 2016 (Registered Charity Number: 1165868).  Most have probably heard of The REME Central Charitable Trust and The REME Benevolent Fund; these are now dormant charities which have transferred all their assets to The REME Charity, and are directly linked.  There are many advantages of an incorporated charitable company, administrative duties are lessened, the company can trade and the additional protection has allowed the board of Trustees to diversify.

What are the objectives of the Charity?

The Charity has three key objectives which it must meet:

  1. To promote the efficiency of REME and to foster its esprit de corps.
  2. To relieve either generally or individual necessitous persons being members or former members of REME or their dependants (Beneficiaries).
  3. To support charitable purposes for the benefit of Beneficiaries.

What does that mean?

The objectives of the charity are broad and wide ranging; this allows us to support a wide range of activities.  In simple terms the charity supports the following:

  • It provides grants to past and present members of the Corps who are in need.
  • It provides direct support through grants to Corps and unit activities
  • It funds the REME Sports Association and REME Adventurous Training.
  • It funds REME Publications, including The Craftsman Magazine, The Calendar, The Journal and The Officers List.
  • It also provides some support for the REME Museum (registered charity 272740), the REME Band and the Corps Sergeants’ Mess amongst other things

Where does the money come from?

Most of the money comes from subscriptions through the Day’s Pay Scheme.  In addition, a significant income is generated by the investment portfolio.  Occasionally it receives donations or legacies from past members of the Corps.  At the moment the Charity does not actively fundraise; but it does plan to.

What is the Day’s Pay Scheme?

The Day’s Pay Scheme was introduced in 1965 as a means of collecting subscriptions for regimental charities directly through their pay system.  It’s now collected via JPA using the Government backed ‘Payroll Giving’ scheme which collects subscriptions from pay before income tax is collected, thereby giving subscribers a direct tax benefit.  The money is collected and then passed to the Charity in monthly instalments.

How much do I pay?

Officers and soldiers pay an annual rate of 100% of one day’s pay into the charity.  The money is collected in 12 monthly instalments.  Officers also pay 60% of a day’s pay as a subscription to the Headquarters Officers’ Mess and 40% of a day’s pay subscription to the REME Institution.  So in total, soldiers pay 100% of a day’s pay each year and officers pay 200%.  Reservist soldiers pay 25% of a day’s pay and officers 50%.

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